Anatomy of mobile development

Whether accessing order history during a sales call or checking a flight
status, users expect information to be instantly accessible and presented in
a way that makes the most of a devices capabilities and form factor

Mobile solutions



Performance, reliability, design, and usability are the main factors that determine user engagement and retention. With respect to these factors, a fully native app as conclusive advantages over web and hybrid apps



Hybrid apps are web apps wrapped in a native shell. This means that while the basic infrastructure of hybrid apps is native, the content is web-based. So hybrid apps are like a native app with a browser embedded within it


Web apps

Web apps can be designed and optimized to appear as native apps and some devices even remove the top bar of the browser to make them look even more so. Anyway this is the cheapest solution

Our experience

  • Location based apps
  • Rental, sharing equipment apps
  • On demand cleaning apps
  • Fleet management & delivery apps
  • Dating and chating apps
More details

Unveil power of Xamarin platform

  • Up to 2x decrease in development costs due to a codebase shared by up to 75%
  • Up to 2x faster Time-to-Market, as delivery time is reduced up to 50%
  • Native User Interface & Performance