Build your marketplace
on top our tech-savvy enterprise solution

Most of marketplaces have more then 70% features in common

We offer highly customizable solution based on existing modules

  • Decrease time-to-market
  • Less bugs
  • Focus on new features

Available features

Access managment

  • Role-based multi-tier login
  • Social media authorization
  • Login / Signup / Restore / Activate

Account managment

  • User profile (photo, name, address)
  • Account settings (password, email, payment)
  • Account notifications (bar and dropdown)

Peer-to-peer messaging

  • Read/Send/Archive messages
  • Read indicator
  • Sms/Email notifications

Create listing

  • Add several photos at once
  • Add item location
  • Enter deposit and booking fee
  • Sort listing by parameter

Search on the map

  • Search by visible area on the map
  • Update results by map manipulations
  • Blazing fast results update


  • Spam free review system
  • Put stars and write comments
  • Sort items based on review score


  • Booking requests (approve/decline)
  • Booking based on date and amount
  • Expiration feature
  • Dispute resolution center


  • Charge funds from credit card
  • Deposit authorization
  • Payouts to bank account
  • Paypal,Braintree, Stripe,WePay etc

Admin panel

  • Manage users (add, update, delete)
  • Manage items ( update properties)
  • Massmail services
  • Transaction statistics